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    Frequently Asked Questions:


    • Can I use MS Outlook or Netscape to read my Email?

      YES! To download your email into Outlook or Netscape (or any other email client) put the following entries in:

      - Incoming POP3 Server: email.ipupdater.com
      - Outgoing SMTP Server: email.ipupdater.com

      - Username: (The MAILBOX's EMAIL ADDRESS HERE...ex: joe@gillisonline.com)
      - Password: (The PASSWORD for this user's mailbox)

      To send mail through our service you MUST enable SMTP Authentication. In Outlook and Netscape
      there is a check box that says "My server requires authentication" at the bottom of the servers tab.
      Check that box. If you are asked for a username/password use your the mailbox's EMAIL ADDRESS as the username and the mailbox's password and you shouldn't have any problems.

      We take SPAM seriously and any misuse of our service will force us to disable your account. If you have questions on our spam policy please contact us here.


    • How do I get a web page on GillisOnline?

      Signup for a FREE account.

      This will give you web space, and E-mail access.
      - Once it is confirmed your account is created you will need an ftp client, and knowledge of html code. You need to design your html code and the upload it to the ftp server at ftp.gillisonline.com, using your username and password provided.